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How a Multi-Iban Account will save you time and money

VallettaPay was born to help you with every step you wish to take in order to grow.
Our product adapts to suit your needs because it is personalised. And because we are always at the forefront of cutting-edge financial solutions and technology, you can rest assured that you are always ahead of the game.
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If you’re a large multi-national or small company with a solid personal portfolio, you need a VallettaPay account now – and here is why. Currency exchange rates have been especially volatile for the past few years.

Brexit, COVID-19, and the US elections have all contributed to market insecurity. This insecurity, as we know, impacts the value of currencies. Of course, if you’re a business operating internationally, the last thing you need is to lose loads of money every time you exchange currency.
Nobody likes to think of their hard work disappearing thanks to flippant currency conversions, bank fees, and wasted time. Who wants to feel like the value of their money is helpless in the rolling tides of insecure markets?
We don’t. And we’re pretty sure you don’t either.
And if you’re a large corporation that does business in different countries, you don’t want to bleed cash every time you make a bank transaction. In short, you want to be able to operate in different markets quickly and cost-effectively.
That’s where VallettaPay comes in.
VallettaPay provides you with a Multi-Iban account for all the markets that you operate in, offering fantastic rates, whatever the currency of the transaction.

And with a single multi-Iban account you will not need to pay exorbitant amounts to foreign banks in different countries either! Through one easy-to-use portal you will save substantially on foreign exchange rates and benefit from dedicated expertise.

Because with a VallettaPay account you can access several markets, transfer and receive money, make deposits, and enjoy an overview of your finances all from one simple, easy-to-use account!
In other words, it saves you time and it saves you the headache of trying to manage multiple bank accounts in different timezones who are shaving eye-watering fees off your revenue.

Above all else, however, VallettaPay gives you back that time and money so that it can be used to explore new business opportunities and growth. Instead of trying to keep several plates spinning, you can do what you do best: focus on success.
So if you want to alleviate currency risk, lower your bank fees, and shield your profit margins so that you can get on with the work that really matters, leave old-school banking techniques behind today and contact VallettaPay right now!

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