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Benefit from a digital bank Account

Vallettapay allows you to hold, send, and receive funds in different currencies. Long gone are the days of setting aside time in your day to head to your local branch to deposit a check, pay a bill, or transfer money to another account. With digital banking, you can access and control all of your accounts online. You can also easily and cheaply exchange between currency pairs, make instant/free transfers to other Vallettapay account holders, and withdraw to a bank account anywhere in the world.

Having such an account gives you several advantages.

Always Open

Complaining about banking hours is a thing of the past for your customers. With digital banking customers gain constant, 24/7 access to their money and more ways to use and spend it. For people who can’t seem to find an extra hour, that means not needing to take time off of work to go to a branch or plan a Saturday morning around it.

Speed of transactions

The faster you can move your money, the less money you lose. With a traditional bank account, cross-border payments are often far slower than domestic transactions. With a digital account you can make cross-border payments using local payment networks, which means a far higher transaction speed VallettaPay allows you to make instant transfers to and from other VallettaPay account holders.

At your convenience

The more efficient you can be with managing your payments, the happier you’ll be, and the more money you’ll make. A VallettaPay account saves you time and effort. It allows you to manage all your transactions, regardless of currency or origin from a single dashboard online. If you operate internationally, this can be a total game changer. With a digital account from VallettaPay, everything is streamlined and in one place. One of the best features of a VallettaPay account is the convenience for the administrator.

Get moving with VallettaPay

We make payments easier for clients around the world every day. Choosing VallettaPay for your multi-currency account means choosing personal service, advanced security, and modern convenience. Open a multi-currency account today!

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