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A VISA Debit card is awaiting you at VallettaPay

VallettaPay proudly announces a new service. Thanks to VallettaPay, you can enjoy a VISA Business Debit Card product.

A VISA debit card for business is a payment card. Unlike a business VISA credit card, however, these products draw their funds from a business account. There’s no revolving credit, interest or jumbled monthly statements.

A VISA Debit for Business card is a great option if you want to use your own business funds to pay for things online or overseas, or if you have a credit card but want an alternative payment option. To get started, all you need is an eligible VallettaPay to link up to your Visa Debit for Business card.

VISA business debit cards include unique numbers, chips, card security codes and all the other trappings of modern payment methods. This means that they function identically to normal account-linked cards.

Businesses use debit cards because they make handling expenses and purchases simpler. Companies want to focus on expanding, developing new product offerings and engaging consumers, not running marathons to keep up with their credit card bills. VISA debit cards let them spend less time and money on funding essential transactions.

When your company becomes a client of VallettaPay, you are entitled to a VISA Business Debit Card. By filling in and signing an application form and submitting the required KYC documents, you would be one step closer to start enjoying this new service.

Once your application is approved, you are to download the “VallettaPay” app on your phone, link it to your phone, and you are ready to go.

The VISA Debit card is currently available as a virtual card. The physical card will be available from October 2022.

Get in touch and make it happen.

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